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10 Reason to In-source Processes

Too often leadership is assumed to be a single skill when in fact there are several different styles of leader:

‘I have a dream’ these leaders inspire and motivate, their ability to see what could be in the future enables them to make quick decisions orientated around that goal. They can’t stand still though and wont hang around unless growth is in prospect.

Experts in their field and able to lead other experts but few others, better used as thought and opinion formers than strategic business leaders.

These folk are energised by grappling with a complex problem and breaking it down into manageable chunks. Their big brains need to be stimulated and they are at their best when given the freedom to exploit a wide network of contacts and tools to achieve their goal. They are rarely sufficiently entrepreneurial to set that goal for themselves and work best when serving a board.

If its just about management and keeping the machine running an operational leader will build sustainable and efficient processes that keep the ship sailing smoothly, operational leaders don’t rock the boat.

As the name suggests the Coach will bring out the best in the team, always looking to develop the firms talent and grow from within.

Success is dependent upon getting the right fit of leader for the organisation and the trading environment.


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